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Miami-Servers.com is a product of Wisenet Datacenter LLC, a datacenter company based in Miami, FL.
We have presence in the webhosting industry since 1998.

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Zip Code:33132
Telephone:+1 954 354 3609

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If required, depending of schedule, we can arrange a guided tour through the datacenter.




Miami-Servers.com, a Wisenet Datacenter LLC Company, is a world-wide class Web Hosting and Internet Solutions provider.

The company is based in Miami, FL. We serve clientele in over 100 countries around the world.

Wisenet Datacenter LLC began in 1998 as a webhosting provider in Latin-america. The company quickly made the transition to providing Internet services.

Miami-Servers.com helps individuals and businesses establish a presence on the Internet with low-cost solutions, and offers services that allow them to seamlessly migrate to higher end services as their internet presence matures and expands.

Miami-Servers.com offers comprehensive Web Hosting solutions, including Shared/Virtual hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Backup and SSL Certificate services.